As the Principal of GDC Kasganj, it is with pleasure that I welcome you to the college website which is aimed at providing access to a wealth of information on our college activities and programmes.

It is a privilege to lead such a dedicated and multi talented team of educators and learners at GDC.

My endeavor is to develop a knowledgeable academic contact between the teachers and learners to create a supportive and positive environment for students where they can dare to dream, explore their potential and develop into the best that they could be.

The focus of the efforts is to motivate learners to achieve academic excellence, become productive citizens and lifelong learners in an ever changing world.

We learn from our experience that causes pain as well as that which brings comfort. True education means more than the perusal of a certain course of study. It opens bridges to acquire knowledge, develops creative and critical thinking and environmental responsiveness. Community engagement, constructive participation and celebrating diversity of our community is equally important along with individual well-learning. The aim should be to take learning beyond the classrooms to effectively allow students to engage in a world of Future.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family.” -Kofi Annan